HER Jade Yoni Eggs

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Nephrite Jade is known for Luck, Harmony and Prosperity.

Heal your divine femininity and give HER the self love she desires.

  •  Improve your overall feminine health 
  •  Increased bladder control and prevent incontinence
  •  Be more in tune with your sensuality 
  •  Develop stronger orgasms and G-spot response
  • Improve sexual life with your partner   
  • Promotes calmness and Serenity
  • Increases health, energy and pleasure

**This only comes in a set**


Small: 30mm x 20mm (height x width): Beginners
Medium: 45mm x 30mm (height x width): Intermediate
Large: 50mm x 35mm (height x width): Experts


What Is a Yoni Massage?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina and, loosely translated, means "sacred space." Tantric philosophy approaches the vagina from a place of love and respect and yoni massage as a means of honoring women. While yoni massage is both sensual and pleasurable, the intent is not to bring the woman to orgasm but to awaken her awareness of her own sexuality and generate a bond of trust and intimacy with her partner.